Download video files from website, missing audio

I was using Chrome plugin “Flash video downloader” for grabing flash / MP4 video files from any streaming website. Then later, I have come to a paid website, that I wanted to backup videos from and half of them had no audio, just the video content.

There was nothing wrong with my player. The audio part was just missing.

That’s because modern video formats have separate files for audio and separate file for sound.

The creators of the Flash video downloader have come up with a brand new plugin extension, called Stream video downloader. And believe it or not, this one works.

After installing this one, it completely substitutes the old plugin, you can delete it and rest with the new one. Works much better.

It took me some time to google this solution, before I found it, the google results show me a lot of options how to grab audio from any video file. This is not, what I wanted.
Maybe I was using bad search terms. And I am going to write them here, so you can find my solution, maybe you are trying to find this topic I write about and you using bad search keywords:

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Guys, this following text won’t very important for this topic. But I am updating this article with some content so people can find it better through search engines. This is how it works. You have fresh content, you get better visibility in search results. I am doing this because I see that many people still struggle with this missing video download topic in general. They visit my site. But I am not sure I deal with missing video downloads. My article is more about missing audio download. I just downloaded video from the site, but the audio was missing there. The video was ok, no problem there.